Square1 is committed to building better and stronger human beings so that we can tackle everyday life easier and live life more stress free. We are about fundamentals and going back to basics to make sure that your movements are smooth and your foundation is strong. Our workshops are here to help you learn the science and mechanics behind some of the exercises and workouts that we teach in our small group fitness class and our one-on-one personal training sessions. The workshops are perfect for those who are new to lifting and for the seasoned exerciser who wants to perfect their technique and improve their movement patters.


Women’s Self Defense

June 22, 2019 1:15pm-3:15pm

Coach: Aaron Wilson


The purpose of self-defense can be simply defined as a countermeasure that allows one to safely protect their personal being.

Aaron Wilson teaches a progressive & structured program that can be taught to all ages, body types & skill levels. Through his instruction, you will learn to defend & escape the most common attacks. The program addresses various scenarios, ranging from having your hair grabbed to being pinned to the ground by an assailant.

Self-defense is a necessary tool that must be drilled to the point of autonomic response upon threat. This program debunks common myths associated with self-defense & applies practical skill-based techniques developed through experience.

Be Empowered Series

September 28th, 2019- June 20th, 2020

Time: 1:30-3:30pm

Coaches: Tasneem Bhaiji & Tracy Fisher


This is a Mind, Body and Wellness Empowered Series for young girls ages 8-14 years of range running throughout the school year.

Square1 Fitness

Square1 takes the guesswork out of fitness to help clients achieve and exceed their health and lifestyle goals. The focus is on you, so “in and out” classes aren’t part of what we do. We believe in a steady approach to mastering your workouts, so that you truly get the most out of them. Our advantage starts and stops with the fundamentals you need to get the results you’re looking for. Whether you are new to kicboxing or weight lifting, we are well equipped to help you progress.

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