Why invest in a new car, a great pair of jeans or even a new house? When you already have a car that works perfectly well, a wardrobe full of jeans, or a nice comfy home that meets your needs? Because it makes you feel good, you look great in it and it a little extra space goes a long way. These are all wants that make your lifestyle a little bit better and a little more comfortable.

Why not invest in your health and fitness that same way? You have access to a range of gyms with a variety of machines, a whole slew of personal trainers and health coaches. With the plethora of options you are bound to find something or someone that  can help you along the way. OR you can train with someone that understands your goals and works with you to meet your wants & needs, whilst taking the time to connect with you. A coach that gets to know you, learns how your body moves and adjusts your program to your goals. Someone who will have your best interest at heart, hold you accountable to your goals, check in on you and even provide, in home programs to keep you working out while you are away.  A trainer that gets you, pushes you, motivates you and supports you in every single way.

Sounds too good to be true? Meet Jennifer Enwright. One bad ass woman who brings her ‘A’ game to every session. She never, even for a moment, hesitates to try something new and overcomes all her doubts and fears in every single session. She is an inspiration to everyone, and the progress she has made is remarkable.

I have been training with Heidi for over 4 years! I followed Heidi to Square1 and that was really one of the best decisions I have made in my personal health journey. Square1 is a community of like minded individuals that encourages growth at every level. In the past year and a half Heidi and I have focused on building a strong foundation for lifting and strength. She has gone above and beyond in my training and development and our time together flies by because we are always having fun and laughing! Every session is slightly different, yet consistently taking me to that next level. Heidi knows my movement, my injuries, my goals and exactly how hard to push to get me to that next milestone. I have a lot of respect for Heidi because of her attitude and continued commitment to learning and I am lucky to call her my friend.

I look forward to many more sweaty sessions to come!

Invest in yourself, make yourself a priority and reap the benefits. Learn what you are capable of, overcome your fears and doubts and do the impossible. It’s not about New Years, it’s about every day.

Reap the benefits and try a 30 minute Personal Training Consult for free. Pick a Square1 Trainer of your choice, sit down with them and get all your questions answered. They will guide you through your program series and explain to you exactly how they can help you. You won’t be left guessing and you will know exactly what you are getting.  Sign up for your free consult. The best part? If you purchase a personal training package, we will give you a month of classes on us! Not only will you have one on one training, but you will get extra motivation from our group classes.

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