The first words that pop in to my head when I hear ‘personal training’ are – One on one, personalized or goal based training. Which are all programmed to fit your body type.  

That is just the basic definition and outline for what a personal training session can do for you.  It’s more than just sweating and having someone dictate exercises at you. It is a relationship that develops over time and is cultivated through exercise and movement. It is based on trust and commitment from both client and trainer to be their best, to become the best.  Before you realize a couple of weeks have gone by and you’re seeing results and have created a bond with someone that understands you! All your sessions are catered to your abilities. They are designed to push you and even sometimes force you out of your comfort zone and make you work.  

Not only does training one on one make you stronger, it changes your life and gives you a whole different perspective. Meet Brett Schwindt he trains with our very own Tasneem Bhaiji. His first sessions included a lot of “I don’t want to do this and that.” He was very uncertain and believed his first session would be a waste of his time, but learned that he needed more than just a workout, he needed someone to show him everything he didn’t believe he could do:  

“My sister-in-law had been training with Tasneem before she had even opened Square1 and thought it would be a good idea for my birthday that I should join her and try it out.  I had been going to another gym and training in what I thought was a satisfactory routine, so I grudgingly agreed but half jokingly said I was not going to do any squats, lunges, bear crawls etc etc. Tas was nice enough to torture me in many other ways that first session and this is when I realized that she was the trainer for me. Our third session I had a freak accident and ruptured my Achilles tendon, this was oddly enough a blessing in disguise.  Two weeks later and still in my hard cast I started training again with Tas. She was so passionate and understanding of what was needed to get me on the road to recovery, I couldn’t help but feed off her positivity and get focused on getting stronger and losing weight while my leg was healing. Tas pushed me and had me doing many things I did not think I could do while my tendon was on the mend. There were many times I doubted myself but she never did and because of that 9 months later I am down 35 pounds, stronger, and have confidence in my leg again. I now love doing squats and all of the other exercises that I swore I wouldn’t do, I just needed the proper trainer and motivation that she inspired. Tasneem Bhajii is an intense, caring, genuine and knowledgeable woman.

She  holds herself to a very high standard and expects and demands that her clients do the same.

She makes every workout different and progressively harder as our strength and overall fitness improves. She laughs at my jokes……well most of my jokes.

She loves and acknowledges hard work. She has no respect for age and doesn’t let it be an excuse. She means it when she says good job, and it only comes when you’ve earned it. All of these things and more. This is Tas. Thanks for being you.

Brett Schwindt”  

Sounds terrifying? You bet, but that is the best part. Nothing good is ever easy and sometimes you have to get uncomfortable to get the results you want.  So, what is holding you back? Why not give yourself a chance to be better, to be injury free, to move in a way you never thought your body would, and to get real results that will change you for the better? If you are unsure about what type of training you are going to get or don’t want to commit until you know what you are getting into, that is perfectly reasonable.  

At Square1, we are offering you a complimentary 30 minute consult with any trainer of your choosing. You get to take the car for a test drive and see if it feels right and can meet your needs. Your chance to ask all the questions.   Sign up for a 30 minute personal training consult with a trainer of your choice. Sit down with them, talk about your wants and needs in regards to training and getting an overall strong, fit healthy lifestyle. Before January 31st 2019, if you buy a personal training package and we will give you a month of unlimited classes on top of that. You will get the deal you want, and extra motivation by attending classes.


Click here to sign up. Get ahead of the New Year and get started today. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!