On April 6th, we hosted our very first social event of 2018 to raise money for local charities in the Calgary community and it was nothing short of a huge success! With the participation of trainers and generosity of members, as a team, we were able to raise over $2500 for the Calgary Emergency Women’s Shelter and Pawsitive Rescue Match Foundation.


train the trainer


 The Calgary Emergency Women’s Shelter is focused on ending family violence and abuse, not only in the lives of women but also of men and children. The Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation saves dogs and cats from across Canada, the United States and Mexico that would otherwise be facing death or a poor life. The money raised from our event helped women and families in need as well as gave some fur babies a second chance at life. The rules of the event were simple, donate a minimum of $50.00 and get a minimum of 5 minutes with a trainer of your choice to wreck havock and exact revenge. Our trainers were not only put through the ringer but our members had a blast watching them suffer for a good cause.

No exercises were off limits! Trainers got to perform burpees, bear crawls, and squats till their legs were shaking. Some members went as far as having each trainer carry a member of their choice, belly dancing, and everyone’s favorite: Tasneem bouncing around the ring on an inflatable children’s toy, and arm wrestling!

To everyone that showed up, made a donation and played a role in making this event a possibility, we would like to give a huge round of applause to you! This would not have been possible without the loving, generous and caring family that makes Square1 Fitness.

 A special thanks goes to the following people Kim and John Xie for bartending, Butter Block YYC for the food, Charlotte Terek and Rachel Wise for capturing photos and videos, Sam Ho for graphic design and promo and last but not least, those who brought their fur babies to the event. Train the trainer was a success because of you.


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