Square1 Stampede Breakfast

We, as a team, want to start by saying “thank you” to everyone who came and made our first Square1 Stampede Breakfast a great success! We had just celebrated our first year open as a gym, in May and after such a great kick-off, it also looked like there was something that we hadn’t done yet, that is also a part of the Calgary Stampede tradition, and that was to host a Stampede breakfast of our own. We also used the event as a platform to raise some money for the Right To Play charity foundation here in Calgary.

The Right to Play is a global organization that uses the positive and transformative power of play to educate and empower children that may be facing some kind of adversity. As you already know, Square1 Fitness is also about community and giving back to our community, so thank you to those who made a donation.

There were several toppings to choose from like chocolate chips, whipped cream, peanut butter, berries and even nuts! It seemed as if everyone’s favourite toppings were the nuts, as those were eaten quicker than the other toppings. Amongst the numerous toppings, people also had to choose between pancakes with chocolate chips (which was more popular with those with a sweet tooth) or without chocolate chips.

In the midst of all the pancakes, toppings and visiting, there were two workouts that took place outside to showcase what we are about here at Square1 Fitness. We had our Women’s Only Strength class and Women’s Only Kickboxing showcased outside the building in the parking lot. The workouts were great and so was the breakfast. A lot of people seemed to think that Nathaniel was good at making pancakes and that the Square1 Stampede Breakfast was the one that ran the latest, meaning people were able to sleep in before they came.

We would like to thank everyone that came out to eat some pancakes and visit with us. We are happy to have served you and the community that has supported our growth. We hope that you will join us for our special events that are yet to happen this year and support us in next year’s Square1 Stampede breakfast.