We provide a space and time for women. A place to be comfortable and try anything and everything. We give you all access to our strength and kickboxing sessions. Have a question about your training, or have no idea how to move? Our trainers will be there to answer all the questions and show you the how to’s. We give you the freedom to try something new, different, or continue on your journey.



60 minute class

We give you access to our kickboxing floor. We set you up with the foundations, the basics. We give you the floor to try out and ask questions, and give you a heck of a workout in the process.

  • Full access to kickboxing floor
  • Comfortable space for you to explore and become a better mover


60 minute class

Women’s only lifting and strength class. We give you access to our studio. We set the workout, warm you up, and guide you through 60 minutes of proper technical movements. 

  • No experience necessary
  • Olympic lifts a.k.a The Big Three: squat, dead lifts & presses
  • Assisted lifts & dumb bell work
  • Includes warm up and technique review, activation of lifts, and cool down stretch
  • Sets the foundations, such as full progression work to full movement


60 minute session

Mom’s Club is a mix of strength and conditioning sessions. We give you a totally body workout,  a place to relieve your stress! You give us your children to take care of for the hours! Pretty good trade off… Isn’t it?!

  • All fitness levels welcome

Square1 Fitness

Square1 takes the guesswork out of fitness to help clients achieve and exceed their health and lifestyle goals. The focus is on you, so “in and out” classes aren’t part of what we do. We believe in a steady approach to mastering your workouts, so that you truly get the most out of them. Our advantage starts and stops with the fundamentals you need to get the results you’re looking for. Whether you are new to kicboxing or weight lifting, we are well equipped to help you progress.

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