Fundamentals are key in every aspect of movement. We have made our class sizes small so that you can get results the right way. Each class is designed uniquely to challenge, define & strengthen. We promise you one hour of movement that get your heart racing and your muscles soaring. Back to Basic sessions that show you the right way to move and still get your burn.

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60 minute class

1 hour session that teaches you the core of lifting and movement. Pelvic tilt? No problem. Proper squat? Check. We got you covered from your a-z’s. 

• Recommended for beginners

• Helps to establish the fundamentals before getting into heavy/big lifts

• Basic squat, lunge, press, push, pull

• Basic lifting techniques, muscle activation

• Max 10 participants


60 minute full body mash-up. 

Nothing like a good ol’ swing of a kettlebell. This 60 minute session will set your foundations, focus on technique and give you one heck of a mash-up with the kettlebell. Be prepared to swing, squat, and shuffle during this session.

• No experience necessary

• A total body workout: strength, cardio, and metabolic

• Focus on technique & basics


60 minute class

Want to get airborne? Explosive? This 1 hour group session is for you! You will lift things, squat (your) heavy, and work on agility and plyometric work.• No experience necessary. 

• Challenge both your anaerobic and aerobic endurance

• Plyometric work with strength training

• Heavy lifts, squats, agility and plyometric work all in one workout

• Explosive and power movements


45 minute class – short & sweet!

5 strength exercises BLENDED up together to give you one epic workout. We create unique blend to challenge you, yet keep you basic. It’s quick but guaranteed burner.

• No experience neccesary

• A total body workout: strength, cardio and metabolic training



60 minute class

Women’s only lifting and strength class. We give you access to our studio. We set the workout, warm you up, and guide you through 60 minutes of proper technical movements. 

• No experience necessary

• Olympic lifts a.k.a The Big Three: squat, dead lifts & presses

• Assisted lifts & dumb bell work

• Includes warm up and technique review, activation of lifts, and cool down stretch

• Sets the foundations, such as full progression work to full movement


Tasneem (Tas) Bhaiji, Owner and Trainer
Ninja Warrior, Candy Enthusiast, Our Fearless Leader

Tasneem is a certified NSCA Strength and Conditioning coach with 6 years experience in Kickboxing and Muay Thai, currently holding a blue belt.

Her philosophy 'do it right the first time' ensures that all clients and group participants move with intention and with proper mechanics. She believes that every workout & exercise should effectively translate to everyday living.

With  Tasneem you train like a fighter. Her strength programming combined with kickboxing will prepare you for any fight, race, or obstacle. Her belief that nothing is impossible fuels her passion. Lift right & kick right.

Nathaniel Agoye, Trainer
The Prototype, Pretty Boy, Always Changing, Never Perfected

Nathaniel Agoye has been involved in the fitness industry for a little over a decade now and has always been motivated and inspired to help people.

As an athlete, Nathaniel understood the importance of physical activity in maintaining a happy lifestyle, striving to lead by example and promote physical activity and healthy living. While he is passionate about bodybuilding, calisthenics, powerlifting and Olympic lifting, Nathaniel believes that everyone needs to learn the fundamentals of movement and should always come back to the basics, keeping things simple.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to exercise, Nathaniel believes that having confidence goes a long way and can shape a person’s life and his goal is to make you feel confident that you will achieve your end result. With his outgoing personality, great sense of humor and professional standard of coaching experience ranging from newbies to older adults, Nathaniel will make sure that you have fun while you learn and sweat!


Heidi Spencer, Trainer
Movement Fanatic. Beach Bum, Quality over Quantity

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -Leonardo Da Vinci

Heidi is a certified fitness trainer and current athletic therapy student. Her experience as a strength and conditioning intern with varsity and club athletes has been invaluable in coaching the more advanced lifts, while ten years of coaching kids aged 6-16 has revealed the importance of fundamental movements.

Heidi believes in educating her clients on how their bodies move and developing control over those movements. Injury prevention and proper progressions form the foundation of her coaching philosophy, along with her continued desire to learn and observe movement patterns. Heidi works with all fitness levels, from beginners to athletes and everything in between.



Square 1 Fitness

Square 1 takes the guesswork out of fitness to help clients achieve and exceed their health and lifestyle goals. The focus is on you, and “in and out” classes aren’t part of what we do. We believe in a steady approach to mastering your workouts, so that you truly get the most out of them. Our advantage starts and stops with the fundamentals you need to get the results you’re looking for.

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