Kickboxing Can Change Your Body and Your Life

No matter how old you are from 8  to 94 years old, you can benefit from throwing a punch or two, mixed with some kicks. Kickboxing emphasizes powerful movements. Power is different from strength, it’s an even better predictor of flexibility and mobility. Pure strength is what a weightlifter uses, but producing power is about both force and speed according to an associate professor of neurology and rehab science in Time Health. 


Kickboxing improves both types of balance that the body needs which is anticipative and reactive. Having a better balance reduces the risk of falls or muscle weakness. Anticipative balance is what you use when you’re stabilizing yourself to reach up into a cupboard, for example, Reactive balance is the type of mind-muscle coordination the spidey like senses you use to catch your balance when you trip or dodge a punch.


Kickboxing workouts are typically short bursts of 2 to 3 minute long intense and repetitive movement. High-intensity interval training (HITT)has many benefits including rapid weight loss and cardiovascular health. 2 minutes of HITT can offer the same amount gains from doing a 60-minute slow cardio exercise.


Kickboxing workouts are great for handling dynamic motions for sports especially the ones that you do a few times a year like snowboarding or pickup basketball or baseball. It sharpens your iron and keeps you healthy and strong. If you’re new to Kickboxing, then it is important to ease into it and gradually start to increase the intensity and you’ll receive all the benefits that will change your body and your life.